New Products

I also makes prospector tents and other kinds, portables stainless tent stoves, snowshoes, traditionnal toboggans and crooked knives.

The prospector tents and other shapes are made of sunforger coton(anti-mildew, ignifuge, waterproof),natural coton or lightweight fabric for summer use.

Portable tent stoves are made of 24 ga. stainless steel sheet and the pipes of 26 ga. They are designed for the purpose and the capacity of the tent.

The snowshoes have wooden frames of yellow birch, white birch or ash. The weaving is in strong nylon mono-filament. I sometimes make babiche for the weaving but it`s more expensive because of much work to prepare it. Nylon weaving is preferred and more durable.

The traditionnal toboggans are from 6 to 12 feet long and 12 inches to 14 in width. The wood used is yellow birch, withe birch and tamarrack. The bagages bags over the toboggans are a must if you pull camping material or trapping gear in many pieces. Those bagage bags that makes the lenght of the sled are made of strong waterproof synthetic fabric.

The crooked knives are made from a file fitted in a wood handle in the traditionnal way. I make them to fit in the owner's hand.

Please contact me for the prices and others informations